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17 December 2011


Shikonkan, Meiji University


Chairperson :Akihiko Iio(Professor at Japan Women's University)

1. Greetings
 Mariko Sonoda(Head of Department of Architecture, School of Science and Technology, Meiji University)

2.Purpose explanation
Kyosuke Sakaue (Prof. at Meiji University)

3. Key mote lecture "Water resource policy and saving water"
 Yutaka Ishikawa (Deputy Director-General Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)

4.Lecture "Potential of the reduction of CO2 by saving water in Japan"
 Yasutoshi Shimizu (Guest researcher at New plumbing Institute, Meiji University, TOTO Ltd., Dr.)

5.Lecture "Studies on environmental prediction in Japan"  
 Kanako Toyosada (Guest researcher at New Plumbing system Institute, Meiji University, TOTO Ltd., Dr.)

6.Lecture "Present conditions of water saving technologies and saving water in China"  
 Zhao Li (Vice-President of China Architecture Design & Research Group, President of Committee of Plumbing System in Architectural Society of China)

7. Lecture "Situations Surrounding Water Use and Water Saving Measures in Korea"  
 Lee Dong-Hoon (Prof. at The University of Seoul, Vice-President of The Korea Society of Waste Management Experts)

8. Lecture "Current situation and sustainability of water resources in Taiwan"  
 Cheng-Li Cheng (Prof. at National Taiwan University, President of Taiwan Toilet Association)

9. Lecture "Significance of water circumstances and the saving water in Hong Kong"  
  Ling-Tim Wong (Associate Prof. at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University)

10. Dissociation

11. Generalization and Proposal  
 Kyosuke Sakaue (above-mentioned)

The first symposium of Asian Saving Water Council was held sponsored by following organizations